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synthetic pony hair brushes for school and hobby

“For Colorful Hobby” Brush line

New attractive brush assortment for school & hobby. The brushes are made of synthetic pony hair-better than the natural pony hair. The synthetic pony hair holds form well, has good elasticity, is durable and doesn't lose hair. The handles are complete water-based, low-solvent varnished. We offer a complete assortment of round, flat and wide brushes.

Aquarellpinsel-synthetische Kolinsky Imitation

“Martisan Kolinsky” Brush Line

"Martisan Kolinsky" paint brushes are manufactured from a new developed mixture of synthetic hair. Different diameters and different lengths of hair guarantee high elasticity. The unique surface of the hair shaft in conjunction with the brush body assures high color capacity. The life of these brushes surpass that of natural hair brushes, especially when working on rough surfaces."Martisan Kolinsky" brushes are available in different shapes: Rounds, Brights, Filberts and Fan Blenders, with short handles and with long handles. Martisan Kolinsky brushes are ideal to use for watercolors and as well for oil and acrylic paints.

Miniatur brushes kolibri

“Martisan Kolinsky” paint brushes for details

Brand new, high-quality paint brushes for detail work. These paint brushes are available from smalles 20-0 up to size 2. Size 20-0 has an incredibly small diameter of just 0.42 mm / 0.0165 inches. Our synthetic "Martisan Kolinsky" with its high elasticity, stability and fine tips allows very detailed work. The newly developed triangular wooden brushe handles are very comfortable to hold and allows precise control of the brush. When you place the brush on the workstation, it does not roll off the desk, which makes a quick change of different brushes possible during the work.

angled cleaning brush with various kind of bristles

Angled brush

Brush to clean, rub or to scratch with angled brush head and wooden handles. We offer this brush with powerfull natural hog bristles or various kind of synthetic bristles. Also you can choose wheter the handles should be varnished or unpainted.

White hog bristle interlocked flat artist brushes.

Artist bristle brushes – interlocked

Our interlocked hog bristle brights are one of our best artist brushes. made from finest Chungking bristles with natural curves.  

artist kolinsky paint brush set

Artist brush set – Kolinsky “Golden Star”

Three high-end Kolinsky brushes for watercolorists, nail-art artists and a lot of other applications which needs high quality Kolinsky brushes. Best suited for watercolour, gouache and tempera. Well to use for painting on silk & glass. Ideal for design & graphic.

red sable paint brush kit.

Artist brush set Red Sable

For watercolours, gouache and tempera, for painting on glass, silk or farbrics we recommend our Red Sable brush set. It contains 3 round and pointed Red Sable brushes in sizes 0, 2 and 6.

kolinsky brushes for oil painting.

Artist Kolinsky brushes – “Golden Star”

Best Kolinsky artist brushes in 3 different shapes: round with finest tips, cat's tongue shape and flat brushes.

brush kit for applying, blurs and detail working with pastel, coal and crayon.

Artist pastel brush set

Kolibri pastel brush sets are most suitable for dry-technques with pastel, coal and crayon. Best to use for applying, blurs and details. The pastel brush set contains one round pastel brush made of soft and durable synthetic goat hair imitation, one flat synthetic brush with short hair length and one foam-brush.

artist red sable oil paint brushes .

Artist Red Sable brushes

Artist brushes with long handles made of best Red Sable hair. Avyilable in 3 different designs: flat artist brushes, round and pointed artist brushes and filbert brushes.