Cosmetic brushes made of synthetic hair

Eyeshadow brushes for the eyelid

Eye smudge brush “Christine- ProBana”

Eye smudge brushes for precise dosing and precise application eye shadow, especially eyelid-crease. The brushes are made of soft synthetic squirrel hair.

Eyebrow brushes from synthetic hair

Eyebrow brush “Christine- ProEyeBrow”

"Christine- ProEyeBrow" is the classic eyebrow brush to shape eyebrows. The new developed synthetic Kolinsky imitation is very elastic, holds the shape well and is easy to clean.

applicator for gently application eye shadow

Eyeshadow applicator “Christine- ProLid”

Eyeshadow - applicator in professional quality for gently application.

curved eye-shadow brushes

Eyeshadow brush “Christine- ProEye”

"Christine- ProEye" brushes have an exact rounded shape. The brushes are made of new developed synthetic Kolinsky hair imitation with high color capacity and solid shape. The hair is soft and elastic and very pleasant for your skin. Available in 3 different sizes.  

make Up brushes for liquid makeup

Foundation brush “Christine- ProMakeUp”

"Christine- ProMakeUp" brushes are for liquid Make up - Foundations. The shape of brushes is stable and the hair is very pleasant for the skin.

Make-Up brushes

Foundation brush “Christine- ProPowUp”

Round brushes for liquid and dry Make-Up and varnishing creme rouge. The brushes are made of a mixture of different kind of soft synthetic hair, very pleasant for skin.

vegan kabuki brushes

Kabuki brush “Christine- ProBuki”

The synthetic goat hair imitation of the kabuki brushes are very pleasant to you skin. The structure and surface of hair allows a good absorption of loose and compressed powder. The brushes are easy to clean.

lip brush, vegan synthetic kolinsky imitation

Lip brush “Christine- ProLip”

Lip Brushes "Christine-ProLip" are made of synthetic Kolinsky imitation. Best suited to apply liquid or creamy lip products. The brushes holds well the shape and are easy to clean.

Blush brush from synthetic squirrel imitation

Powder brush “Christine- ProPowder”

Large round-oval Powder brushes - also called Blusher - for loose powder. The brushes are made of extremly soft synthetic squirrel imitation with high capacity for powder. The hair is easy to clean and to maintain.  

Makeup and rouge brushes

Pro Rouge brush “Christine- ProRouge”

Extremly soft Rouge brush for powderrouge. The brushes are made of synthetic squirrel hair. The flat- oblique oval shape allows accurate work. The hair is easy to clean and to care.