Fan Brushes

Synthetic bristle fan brush

Fan Brushes “Poly Top”

Fan brushes "Poly Top" are made of very strong synthetic bristle. The brushes are  best suited for pasty colors and to work on rough surfaces, like walls.

Badger hair Fan brushes

Fan Brushes – Pure Badger Hair

Pure Badger hair fan brushes with long handles.

Fan Brushes made of dark brwon ox ear hair

Fan Brushes – Pure Ox Ear Hair

Drak brown Ox Ear hair fan brushes for oil painting. Ox ear hair is softer and smoother than bristles.

Fan brushes red sable hair

Fan Brushes – Pure Red Sable

Fan brushes made of pure Red Sable hair. Available with short handles as well as long handles.

Fan Brush pure squirrel hair

Fan Brushes – Pure Squirrel Hair

Pure Squirrel hair fan blender for watercolor painting, for gilding and for cosmetic applications. Availabel with short handles as well as long handles.

Fan Brushes- white hog bristle

Fan Brushes – Pure White Bristle

Bristle fan blender made of pure white hog bristle. For oil -and acrylic painting we offer the brushes with long handles. For other applications we manufacture the same brushes with short handles.

Fan Blender synthetic hair

Fan Brushes – Synthetic Squirrel Imitation

Fan Brushes made of super soft synthetic Squirrel hair imitation. Best suited for watercolor painting and also for cosmetic applications.

acrylic color fan brushes

Fan Brushes “Acryllo”

Fan Brushes especially good for acrylic colors. Made of stiff brown superelastic synthetic hair.

"Martisan Kolinsky" Fan Blender

Fan Brushes “Martisan Kolinsky”

Fan Brushes made of our synthetic Kolinsky imitation, so named "Martisan Kolinsky" - only by kolibri. These brushes are for universal use, like oil- and acrylic painting, watercolor. tempera and gouache painting. Our "Martisan kolinsky" brushes are available with short handles as well as long handles.  

kolibri Fan brushes for universal use "Synthetic Golden Sable"

Fan Brushes “Synthetic Golden Sable”

Fan brushes for universal use from our tested "Synthetic Golden Sable". We offer two options- with short handles and with long handles.