Brush care and cleaning

For protection during storage and transportation are all gummed our Kolibri® brushes. We use natural binders “gum arabic”.

Basically, before first use wash out new brushes with warm water and curd or similar soap. This removes any particles that may be still in the brush body. Especially brushes protected with gum arabic must be washed out before first use.

Don’t let the paint dry on the brush. Especially acrylics dry quickly, tha’t why keep a eye on the brush that are not in use and keep the brush wet. When you are not using them, clean the brush with warm water immediate. Keep also clean the ferrule.

When acrylic colours dried up it can only be dissolved with special cleaning agents. We recommend our tested kolibri “Brush Cleaner” (Biodegradable, water-soluble and gentle for the brush). Order no.: MK250 ml or MK500 ml.

Water-soluble colours should be washed out with hand-warm water.

Clean after use of oil paints the brush well at first with a cloth-rag, after  that care the brush with warm water and a natural soap.

We recommend regular maintance with curd soap, especially for natural hair brushes. By the natural fat in the soap, the hair remains elastic and does not became brittle.

After cleaning wip the brush with a soft cloth-rag and bring the brush head to its original shape. Afterwards let the brush dry completely. It is best to place the brush on a cloth on the table. Never use a still wet brush again.

Do not dry a brush on a radiator, on a stove or in the summer sun. There the hair will dry too quickly and the handle will shrink. In result of that the hair becomes brittle and the brush head will come loose.

In respect of the above instructions, with our kolibri brushes you have a “tool” with which you can work undisturbed for a long time.

kolibri® – Brush manufacture Feurer & Sohn GmbH wish you success and joy with our brushes at your work and your hobby.

special clening agent to dissolve dried acrylics