“Martisan Kolinsky” Brush Line

Aquarellpinsel-synthetische Kolinsky Imitation

“Martisan Kolinsky” paint brushes are manufactured from a new developed mixture of synthetic hair. Different diameters and different lengths of hair guarantee high elasticity. The unique surface of the hair shaft in conjunction with the brush body assures high color capacity. The life of these brushes surpass that of natural hair brushes, especially when working on rough surfaces.”Martisan Kolinsky” brushes are available in different shapes: Rounds, Brights, Filberts and Fan Blenders, with short handles and with long handles. Martisan Kolinsky brushes are ideal to use for watercolors and as well for oil and acrylic paints.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • “Martisan Kolinsky” brushes – only by kolibri
  • synthetic hair mix
  • seamless silver ferrules
  • polished handles for watercolorists
  • round brushes – item no.: 88SKI
  • available sizes: from 10-0 (d=0.9mm) up to size 20 (d=11.5mm)
  • flat brushes – item no. 788SKI
  • available sizes: from size 0 (w=2.3mm) up to 20 (w=20mm)
  • Filberts – item no. 1788SKI
  • available sizes: from size 0 (w=2.3mm) up to 20 (w=20mm)
  • angle flat – item no. 1088SKI
  • available sizes: from size 0 (w=2.3mm) up to 16 (w=15mm)
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