Flat Brushes & Mottlers

bristle softener from loght hog bristles

Bristle Mottler – extra long

Mottler with extra long withe hog bristles, suitable e.g. to blur different mediums.

Pastry Brushes

Bristle Mottler – medium long

Bristle Mottler with medium bristle length, sometimes called "Pastry Brushes".

Traditional wide bristle brushes with short bristles

Bristle Mottler – short length

Traditional Bristle Mottler with short bristle length.

wide brushes made of synthetic bristles

Bristle Mottlers “Poly Top”

Bristle Mottlers from very strong synthetic bristles. Very well suited for working with pasty material, to create structures and for painting on rough surfaces.

ox hair dusting brushes

Dusting Brushes

Typical Dusting Brushes made of light cuttle hair. 4 lines with each 4 hair bundels - total 44 hair bundels.

wide brushes to create special effects

Effect Mottler

Effect Mottler made of special developed blend of synthetic hair (different diameters and stiffness and different lenghts of hair). Suitable for oil- and acrylic colors.

Flat hair brushes for watercolor painting

Flat Brushes for Watercolors “kolibri SQI-Aquarell Line”

Flat hair brushes - hair mottler - for painting large areas with watercolors.  The synthetic squirrel hair imitation used for the brushes are the vegane alternative to pure squirrel hair. Absoltely soft and with the finest tips. Well suited for working with thin mediums.  

flat universal brushes-mottler

Hair Mottler “Synthetic Golden Sable”

Hair mottler with medium hair length, made of our "Synthetic Golden Sable". The hair is very elastic and has finest tips. The brushes are well suited for oil- and acrylic colors as well for glazes, watercolors, tempera, gouache and other.

flat brushes for acrylic painting

Hair Mottler “Acryllo”

Perfect brushes for working on large surfaces with acrylic paints. Made of stiff brown superelastic synthetic hair.

hair mottler for watercolor painting

Hair Mottler “for Colorful Hobby”

Mottler of soft synthetic pony hair imitation, especially suitable for watercolor painting and other thinly liquid mediums. Handles of kolibri brush series "for Colorful Hobby" are solvent free, water based varnished.