Flat Brushes & Mottlers

flat hair brushes-2nd grade

Hair Mottler “White Synthetic Star”

Mottler in double thickness / 2nd grade, made of elastic synthetic hair.

Black bristle varnish brushes

Lacquer Brushes black hog bristle

Brushes for priming and varnishing made of black hog bristle.  

hog bristle lacquer brushes 6.thickness

Lacquer Brushes light hog bristles mixture

Brushes for priming and varnishing made of light blend of natural hog bristles and synthetic bristles. These brushe for priming and varnishing are made in 6.thickness. The use bristle mix is powerful and has a high color absorption capacity. Therefore, this kind of brushes is best suited for priming and grounding on larger areas. We manufacture these brushes from 1" (25 mm) up to 4" (100 mm).  

hair mottler-soft and absorbent hair mixture

Mottler – fine natural hair blend

Less expansive hair mottler made of a soft natural absorbent hair blend (goat, pony and cuttle hair).

mottler white goat hair

Mottler – pure Goat hair

Hair-Mottler with medium hair length, made of pure white goat hair.

synthetic goat hair mottler

Mottler – synthetic Goat hair

The vegan alternative to pure goat hair brushes are our synthetic goat hair mottler. The synthetic goat hair is like pure goat hair very soft and has finest tips. Well suited for techniques with liquid mediums or to work dry on sensitive surfaces.

pipe brush

Overgrainer – Pipe Brush

Overgrainer with bristle pipes to create effects, like wooden grains, grass and other. For the pipes we are using double boiled and bleached hog bristle.

flat ox ear hair brushes

Ox Hair (black) Mottler

Hair Mottler made of black Ox ear hair, medium hair length. The used black ox hair has a large capacity to hold paints. Suitable e.g. for oil painting, for tempera or for modelling and a lot of other applications.

wide ox hair brushes

Ox Hair (light brown) Mottler

Hair Mottler from light brown ox ear hair to varnishing, colorless oil coating, to priming and working with oil paints on larger areas.

Squirrel hair mottler

Pure Squirrel Hair Mottler

Pure Squirrel hair mottler for watercolor and China painting, gilding or for dry- work on sensitive surfaces.