Fan Brushes “Martisan Kolinsky”

"Martisan Kolinsky" Fan Blender

Fan Brushes made of our synthetic Kolinsky imitation, so named “Martisan Kolinsky” – only by kolibri. These brushes are for universal use, like oil- and acrylic painting, watercolor. tempera and gouache painting. Our “Martisan kolinsky” brushes are available with short handles as well as long handles.


Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Fan Brushes
  • “Martisan Kolinsky” ( special blend of different kind of synthetic hair)
  • seamless nickel plated ferrules
  • short varnished handles
  • available sizes: 2 (w=40 mm) up to size 8 (w=60mm)
  • item no. 3088SKI
  • the same brushes as above, but with long handles
  • item no. 3089SKI
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