Special Brushes

Gilding brushes, gilder’s tip brushes made of best squirrel hair, bristle mottlers, ox ear hair mottlers, sanding mottlers, hand wire scratch brushes, capsule bristle brushes, wide range of soft hair mop brushes and other specialities.

hand wire brushes flat.

Hand wire scratch brush – flat

Flat hand wire scratch brushes for smaller areas or corners. Like the wide brushes made of vaious kind of wires: waved brass wire 0.20 mm dia, waved steel wire 0.10 mm dia or waved bronze wire 0.25 mm dia.

hand wire scratch brush

Hand wire scratch brush – wide

Wide wire scratch brushes made of vaious kind of wires: waved brass wire 0.20 mm dia, waved steel wire 0.10 mm dia or waved bronze wire 0.25 mm dia.

Lettering quills with extra long Squirrel hair

Long Liner brush – Squirrel hair

Extra long liner brushes round and straight edge, made of best absorbant Blue Squirrel hair.


Mop brush – soft hair – domed shaped – free of metal

kolibri soft hair mop brush, round - oval shape, sometimes also named Moulder's brush. Our soft hair mixture is long proven. Alternatively we manufacture these brushes with white, brown or black goat hair.  The plastic ferrules and used adhesive are solvent resistant and so the mop brushes are tools for a lot of different applications. The moulder's brushes are ideal tools for gilding as well. By request we manufacture the brushes also with nickel capsule instead the plastic quills.

Molder's brush in nickel plated tin capsule

Mop brush- soft hair – domed shaped

kolibri mop brushes are made of soft natural hair mixture in a nickel plated steel capsule. These kolibri mop brushes, often also called moulders duster brushes  are exactly domed shaped. Handles are made of beec wood, cleanly sanded. If required we also manufacture the brushes with white, brown or black goat hair.

flat and wide ox hair brush

Ox hair mottler

Hair Mottler made of light brown Ox ear hair, medium hair length. The used  ox hair has a large absorptions capacity to hold liquids and paints. Suitable e.g. for oil painting, for tempera or for modelling and a lot of other applications.

bristle capsule brush

Round capsule bristle brush

Hog bristle capsule brush, round oval shape or round straight edge shap, nickel capsule, wooden handles.

hand sanding hog bristle brushbrush

Sanding Mottler

Sanding Mottler or also called Paddel-Brush, made of pure white hog bristle, extra short length, special wooden handle and tin rimmed bands.

brush to dye the hair, beech wood handles, grey hog bristles

Special hair color brushes

Thank you for your interest in our products and visit our web-site. We would be happy to advise you on all our products. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or by phone +49 9822 7433. On the left side the image shows a special brushes to dye hair - hair color brushes.

Gilder's duster brush made of best blue squirrel hair

Squirrel quill mop brush

Pure Blue Squirrel hair quill mop brush, round -oval shape, natural or synthetic quills, fixed with brass wire, natural polished wooden handles.Additional we manufacture the oval quill mop brushes instead pure Squirrel hair with a Squirrel hair blend and with a fine natural hair mixture.