Brushes for Watercolors “kolibri SQI-Aquarell Line”

watercolor brush series "SQI-Aquarell Line"

Our kolibri watercolor brush series “SQI-Aquarell Line” includes 3 different brush shapes: Pointed round, English Wash brush and Dagger Shader. Furthermore we are making SQI-Fan brushes, SQI-French Watercolor brushes and SQI-Mottler. Brushes of our SQI-Line are made from high quality synthetic squirrel imitation. It looks lie real squirrel, the feeling while working is like working with real squirrel brushes.


Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • Watercolor Brushes
  • soft synthetic squirrel hair imitation
  • nickel plated ferrules
  • short 1A varnished wooden handles
  • Pointed round brushes – item no. 24SQI
  • available sizes: from size 2-0 (d=1.5mm) up to 24 (d=14.2mm)
  • Dagger Stripe / Dagger Shader – item no.: 526SQI
  • available sizes: from 2-0 (w=6mm) up to 4 (w=14mm)
  • English Wash Brushes – item no. 1028SQI
  • available sizes: from size 1 (w=9mm) up to 12 (w=30mm)


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