French Watercolor Brushes

Französischer Aquarellpinsel

French Watercolor Brushes handmade by kolibri. Made of high quality synthetic squirrel imitation. The tufts of our French Watercolor brushes is secured to the wood handle by a synthetic quill  and wrapped in four places with brass wire. These French watercolor brushes holds a large quantity of water respective watercolors.When wet the brushes have a absolutely perfect tip.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • French Watercolor paint Brushes
  • handmade by kolibri
  • round and with best tip
  • synthetic squirrel imitation
  • synthetic quills
  • with brass wire bound to the wooden handle
  • available sizes: from size 6 (d=6mm) up to size 16 (d=16mm)
  • item no. 1220SQI
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