kolibri Comb brush to create effects

special effect brushes made of "synthetic golden sable"

kolibri Comb brushes for painting, to create effects with diiferent paints. kolibri comb rushes are suitable for watercolors, for acrylic and oil paints. kolibri comb brushes are made of special mixture of elastic “synthetic golden sable” hair.

Kurzbeschreibung/ short description

  • kolibri comb brushes, flat
  • mixture of “synthetic golden sable” by kolibri
  • seamless nickel plated ferrules
  • silver varnished handles
  • kolibri com brushes are available in sizes: #6 (w=6.5mm), #8 (w=8.5mm) and #10 (w=10.5mm)
  • item no. 7108


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